We hope this can be a medium for everyone
studying it to exchange ideas and good inspiration

I'm Jeoney, A woman coding merrily.

Hi I’m Jeoney And I’m Korean
I usually teach how to design a website by coding in HTML, CSS for beginners.
I've been teaching for a long time. And I found my own special way to teach.
And my values and beliefs about teaching has very naturally evolved over time.
We sometimes suffer from impatience and pressure when it comes to learning
or try to learn as much as possible in less time

But my take on it is a little different
Even if you learn less, you need enough time to properly acquire it.
You need to learn and understand slowly based on the reasons and grounds
And most importantly, you should have enough time to practice on your own
You can truly make it your own only when you have enough time to practice on your own.

So I consider the assignments very important in my lecture.
that's why I tend to emphasize them a lot.
After all, I think the ultimate reason for learning something is the same.
For something you can do on your own!

I want more people to see it and have more inspiration
that’s why I’m sharing the assignments of my students that I've been collecting.
Thank you.

3 Core Values

Many people have achieved their goals and accomplish
remarkable results through the three core values

  • 35%

  • 50%

  • 15%



  1. Educational Philosophy

    3 Educational philosophy we pursue is learning, creating, and feedback.

    LEARNING 35%
    CREATING 50%
    FEEDBACK 15%

  2. Learning

    It provides you with only minimal examples to illustrate key theories.

    The reason for avoiding the following example is that it thinks creative activities that start from scratch are much more valuable.

    You can carry on freely expressing the content or design what you want that through your own learning after learning the skills for the website layout.

  3. Creating

    The most important part of your own learning is 'pre-study and review'.

    What you've already learned is to study for review, and what it is a bummer about not learning yet is to can study as a pre-study.

    The reason why we are oriented towards 'pre-study' is that there are a lot of differences in learning efficiency.

    It's because the learning efficiency is much higher which participating in learning after pre-study than not doing so.

    It has high satisfaction far higher when you have invested a lot of time in creative activities than when it is not so.

  4. Feedback

    You need time to think about the results of your works when you are through with creating after going through learning.

    Through feedback, You can maximize its advantages and make up for its disadvantages as filling a hole.

    You can relieve the uncertainty about whether you are doing well or right through feedback.

    All feedback is provided one on one - individually with recorded videos online.

  5. Assignments Sharing System

    For each tutee have different interests and tastes All creative activities are always done individually.
    We ended up with a wide variety of interesting results through that.
    What we can gain is maximizing synergy by sharing it.
    Expressing design by coding also has no correct answer and can be interpreted from various perspectives.

    Ultimately Why we are sharing this is
    We want you to be able to think more flexibly from a variety of perspectives through it when working with web publishing.
    Further, We hope this can be a medium for everyone studying it to exchange ideas and good inspiration.

    By Jeoney Kim

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